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    Guangdong New Zhong Yuan Ceramics Co., Ltd. (referred to as "New Zhong Yuan Ceramics") is a collection of scientific research, production and sales as one of the well-known ceramic enterprises, marketing headquarters is located in "China Ceramic first town" Foshan Nanzhuang. New Zhong Yuan ceramic collection "China Famous Brand" and many other honors in one, was identified as one of the Guangdong Provincial People's Government of the province's 13 sprint world famous companies.
    New zhong yuan ceramic, which owns nine large modern ceramics production plants in Sanshui, Guangdong, Heyuan, Qingyuan, Jiajiang Sichuan, Jiangxi high security, Hengyang, Hunan, Hubei Dangyang, Shenyang law library and Henan Hebi, among the world's production scale forefront of the industry as "ceramic carrier." New zhong yuan ceramic product line comprehensive and rich, polished production and sales, antique tiles, the whole cast glaze, ceramic stone, tiles, sheets, toiletries, and other categories, more than 1000 domestic sales outlets, over 120 overseas marketing network many countries and regions, is one of China's largest export volume of ceramic enterprises.
    New zhong yuan ceramic and always adhere to corporate management and technological innovation. Enterprise has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system, ISO14001: 1996 Environmental Management System and the China Compulsory Certification and dozens of 3C certification authority. In product development, new source of ceramic with a strong capacity for innovation, product innovation and actively explore, leading the industry trend of technological innovation. "Super-clean" technology to solve the seepage pollution and polished gloss two problems and improve the overall technological level polished to achieve a revolutionary technological breakthrough; 1.2 × 2.0 (m) of the century brick Wang not only been assessed Guangdong Province focus on new products, and most of China won the Guinness world; "dry glazing" technique is also effective to enhance the technical process antique brick, causing great concern in the industry; ceramic stone technology upgrading by eight times, pioneering a high-quality ceramic stone and scale of the era. New source of ceramics through active technological innovation, the new zhong yuan ceramics has emerged provincial-level key new products, and has more than 1,000 products to declare a national patent.
    To undertake traditional culture, people-centered innovation" is the new zhong yuan ceramic consistent business philosophy. New zhong yuan ceramic will continue adhering to the "down to earth, good tile" entrepreneurial spirit, adhere to independent innovation, "tile industry leading brands," the powerful strength ceramic committed to creating international brands, domestic and international partners work together to create a new world a better cause, for consumers to create a healthy and comfortable living space.